Bulbys Shine Light on .CO Domain

Joan Rivers has a .CO domain. And what’s not to like about Joan Rivers? I mean she’s plastic, sure, but Tupperware is awesome. What’s more important is that one day when Ms. Rivers is gone and recycled, her legacy will live on because she won a 2011 Bulby Award for “Best Personal Site” from .CO Internet S.A.S., the official registry operator for the .CO domain.

It’s only been a year for the .CO domain, yet it’s already surpassed one million registrations in 200 countries. Celebrities love the .CO, and so do tech innovators and social networking sites. Even Google has added the succinct .CO suffix. And now, for you, building a site around your .CO is free.

With Name.com’s PageZen simply get your domain and you could have your site up TODAY! We’ve made it easy because we all went through those tough years when making a site with your picture and a recipe for biscuits took a week of evenings huddled around a 700-page book about HTML. With us you’ll have a .CO domain in minutes, and from there it’s nothing but fun. Yes, our PageZen web builder is actually fun. Like Joan Rivers. But with our easy website builder you can enhance your image without dozens of painful surgeries.

You’ll be amazed how easy it is. Now get on out there and go for your Bulby.