healthy living series: What’s in Katie’s Lunch?

At every workplace there is that person who makes you feel like a heap of fat. You know who they are. They’re in incredible shape. They do yoga, they levitate and just when you’re about to enjoy a spoonful of mayonnaise, they Healthy Living series.sit next to you with a flower petal salad topped with fresh air. At we have several of those people, but none more so than Katie. So we’ll promote a healthy lifestyle with our new feature: “What’s in Katie’s Lunch?”

Today: Whole wheat tortilla wrapped around turkey, kale and tomatoes served with wasabi rice crackers and hummus. healthy Living series

Katie’s actually agreed to compete in a yoga contest with our CEO, Bill, who had no idea until now that he’s going to compete in a yoga contest. He shouldn’t mind, as HE’S one of THOSE people too…right now probably harnessing energy from the sun to do a thousand pushups.

Harvey Specter
Posted at 8:45 am October 12, 2011
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