How buying a .ORG domain supports the community

How buying a .ORG domain supports the community header image
Doing Good

.ORG is one of the oldest and most trusted domain extensions out there. It’s a domain ending that a number of nonprofits, educational centers, and other upstanding businesses use for their websites. But .ORG does a lot more than simply giving your website that extra boost of credibility—it also works to provide education and internet freedom to communities around the world.

PIR, the registry behind .ORG (as well as the newer extensions, .NGO and .ONG), works closely with the Internet Society to promote good causes across the globe. This nonprofit strives to “promote the open development, evolution and use of the internet for the benefit of all people throughout the world.” So what does that mean exactly?

The organization can be summed by these two main missions:

  1. Support a free and open internet: Both the .ORG registry and the Internet Society believe that the internet is for everyone. That’s why they work closely with governments, worldwide organizations, and the public sector to promote the development of open and sustainable internet.
  2. Help educate students, teachers, and engineers in developing countries: The organization also offers training workshops and educational opportunities in countries where internet access is still not attainable for everyone. The Internet Society organizes events where communities can gather to learn how to implement their mission, and they offer grants and awards to promote innovative thinking to those tasked with bringing online connectivity to more places.

Both the Internet Society and PIR have made it their mission to provide internet access to more communities than ever before; and you can help. As a not-for-profit organization, PIR uses funds from the registration of .ORG, .NGO, and .ONG domains to give back to communities in need.

Become part of a positive movement by registering a .ORG domain for your website while supporting a worthy cause.

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