How does the domain preorder process work?

How does the domain preorder process work? header image

New Domains are coming out every day, making it a great time to register domains for you or your business. But if you want to purchase a domain name that a lot of other people are interested in, you may not want to wait until the domain reaches general availability to buy it—it may be long gone by then and in the clutches of someone else. Luckily, buyers have several opportunities to purchase the domain they’re interested in before it reaches general availability.

The domain preorder period gives buyers the opportunity to purchase the domain name they want before it hits the general market. Although buyers will pay more to secure the domain, it may be worth it to get a URL that is highly desirable. The domain preorder process is broken into four different stages, but the usage and duration of each stage varies by registry:


This is the earliest stage of the preorder process and it is reserved exclusively for trademark owners. To register a domain name that corresponds to your trademark, you must first register as a trademark holder or agent through Trademark Clearinghouse. When your trademark records have been approved, you can apply for the domains you’re interested in through that organization. If your request is approved, they’ll send you a SMD file that can be used to complete your registration.


Landrush is typically a 30-day span where businesses and individuals without trademarks can try to register the domains they want at a Premium price. While domains are generally registered on a first come, first served basis, multiple offers may be made on the same domain name. If this happens, the domain goes into auction and the highest bidder will win its registration.

Early Access Program (EAP)

Here’s where things get interesting! In the week leading up the the domain’s drop to general availability, customers have the option of registering the domains they want at gradually decreasing prices. For example, buyers who are really set on getting the domain could pay $11,000 to secure it on the first day of EAP, but would only have to pay $135 to register it on the fifth day. That’s a big difference—and it’s all a matter of how much you want to gamble with the chances of someone else buying the domain before you do.

EAP pricing schedule for


If no one has registered the domain you want by the end of EAP, you can try your luck by pre-registering your domain. This is a bit riskier than the other options because there are more opportunities for another buyer to come along and purchase the domain you want before it’s officially yours. But if your domain goes through EAP without being purchased, you have the chance of scoring it for a steal.

During this stage, you’ll complete with anyone else who has pre-registered the domain at a different registrar to see who can snatch it up first. So if you pre-register with and we manage to grab it first, then congratulations! You are now the proud owner of that domain. But if another registrar gets to it first and we can’t secure it for you, you will be fully refunded.

The preorder process is a great tool for those who are set on getting a domain that will be very popular among other buyers. Enjoy peace of mind by registering the domain names you want ahead of the crowd.