How To Grow Your Etsy Shop With A Website

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Bespoke online retailer Etsy has seen significant growth over the past two years. Consider that in 2019, the e-commerce site generated $818 million in revenue — by 2021, this number reached $2.32 billion*.

Several factors help account for this growth. First is the uptick in digital purchasing initially tied to pandemic pressures, which has now translated into sustained success for online businesses. Next is the unique nature of items for sale on Etsy. While larger online marketplaces such as Amazon make it easy for shoppers to order brand-name goods directly to their doors, Etsy offers custom-created, bespoke items that make it possible for customers to get exactly what they want.

The challenge? Standing out from the crowd. As Etsy enjoys sustained growth, the volume and variety of shops are on the rise, many of which sell similar items. If you’re running an Etsy shop, you need a way to capture customer attention and drive more sales. While top-quality products, streamlined shipping and great customer service can all help boost your brand, it’s also worth amplifying your shop’s impact online. 
In practice, this means thinking outside the Etsy box with a curated website and compelling domain name that help drive prospective purchasers to your shop. Not sure how to grow your Etsy shop with website connections? We’ve got you covered.

Should You Sell on Etsy or Your Own Website?

Great question! You should do both.

Whether you’re just getting started or you’ve got an Etsy shop that’s already generating steady sales, there’s always room for improvement. Having a great website and domain name makes it easier for customers to find your products and discover what makes your brand different.

Benefits of building your own site include:

More Control and Ownership of Your Business

Etsy is a great place to sell your products — but the platform is ultimately a private company looking to generate its own revenue, in part by charging seller transaction fees. With your own website, these fees don’t apply, and you’re not locked into the style of Etsy shops to boost your brand.

Increased Traffic

A bigger presence on the web makes it possible to find new traffic sources and increase total visitor volume, making it more likely you’ll make a sale.

Digital Marketing Opportunities

While searches for Etsy shops are on the rise, your marketing options remain limited because you don’t own the domain of your shop. With your own site, you can leverage digital marketing strategies such as paid search advertising, social media posts that point to your site, and backlinking through other sites or online articles.

How to Build a Website That Amplifies Your Etsy Shop

Ready to build a site that amplifies your shop? You’re three steps away from success.

Choose a Domain Name That Reflects Your Brand

First, find a domain name that fits your brand and is easy to remember. Search for a domain through reputable domain resellers to use as the foundation for your website.

Select a Hosting Plan and Build Your Site

Next, select the hosting plan that works for you. Considerations here include how many product pages you need, how much storage you require and if you’re planning to sell directly from your site. Hosting providers that also offer robust website builders are often a great choice.

Direct Traffic From Etsy to Your Website

Etsy integration with your website can help boost sales and reduce the amount you pay in seller fees. The easiest way to accomplish this goal? Include a link to your website on your Etsy page that allows customers to buy from you directly.

Engage with Customers Across Both Platforms

With a website and an Etsy shop you can engage with more customers, more often, in turn helping to drive more sales.

Prepare for Increased Demand

Etsy often sees a spike in demand around the holidays. Having your own site can help you meet increased consumer interest and ensure you keep up with sales volumes.

Advantages of Selling on Etsy

When it comes to increasing sales, it’s not Etsy vs. your own website — it’s making the most of both to drive sustained success.

Ideally, your website acts as a jumping-off point that helps visitors find your Etsy shop. This is because selling on Etsy comes with key advantages such as:

High-Intent Customers

Customers who come to Etsy often know what they’re looking for and are ready to buy when they find it. As a result, it’s a shorter journey from curiosity to conversion.

Ease of Access

Etsy makes it easy for shop owners to get started with sales and makes it simple for customers to find what they’re looking for.

Quick-Start Sales

When you’re selling with Etsy, you’re using its e-commerce platform for secure sales, meaning you don’t have to do the heaving lifting. Instead, you can get started selling ASAP.

No Monthly Fee 

Etsy doesn’t charge a monthly fee to use the site. Instead, shop owners pay a per-sale fee for each item sold.

Doubling Down for Etsy Success

If you want to get more orders on Etsy, think outside the shop. By finding a great domain name and creating a solid website, you can increase visitor volume and drive more people to your shop, in turn boosting total revenue.

Ready to get started? can help. From finding the right domain name to help capture customer attention and increase visitor volumes, to full-featured website building that lets you quickly and easily get your site up to speed, we’ve got you covered.

What’s in a domain name? When it comes to your Etsy site, plenty. Start your search today to find the perfect match. *