You need not pay heed to this skeevy little thing

You may have gotten (or will get) one of these in the mail. It’s a company offering to renew your domain names. That’s a nice thing to do, IF IT WEREN’T THREE TIMES THE NORMAL PRICE OF A RENEWAL. Sorry for shouting, but the audacity of this gouge-by-mail outfit is pretty awesome. I’m almost jealous. It would be neat to fly through life not caring about others. It would be fantastic not reparking my car five times so the Skylark next to me has room to load her groceries. It would be even better making money by licking some envelopes and preying on the weakness of others. I bet they don’t even lick their envelopes. I bet they use one of those little sponges. Weak.

A conscience can be a burden, but now you can reward yours by warning others that this little mailer is probably not in the best interest of domain owners.

renewal junk mail

Don’t do this.

Harvey Specter
Posted at 1:54 pm July 12, 2012
Curtis Jewell

We’re talking Domain ‘Registry’ of America. They’re a rip-off registrar.