Introducing our newest product: SiteLock website security

Introducing our newest product: SiteLock website security header image

We’re excited to announce the launch of our latest product, aimed at helping our customers secure their sites from malware and increase website trust. SiteLock is now available to anyone interested in automating the process of keeping their website free from malware.

How SiteLock helps website owners

Whether you manage multiple websites for a variety of clients or lack the technical know-how to identify potential malware, SiteLock offers a way to protect your site from malicious code. All SiteLock products include daily malware scanning and site monitoring so you can know immediately if bad-actors gain access to your site.

And even before disaster strikes, SiteLock can help you identify potential vulnerabilities. The service starts with a risk assessment to determine how vulnerable your site is to malware. Once the assessment is complete, you’ll be provided with a report of the findings along with actionable steps for securing your site.

What kinds of advanced features does SiteLock offer?

For larger websites or businesses that require a higher degree of security, more advanced SiteLock plans can be beneficial. While the most basic SiteLock plan offers one-time SQL, XSS, and Web App scanning, higher tiers monitor them daily along with your FTP. These plans will also notify you of unexpected file changes and can automatically remove malware for you if any is detected.

Additional features that advanced plans offer include protection from basic DDoS attacks, SQL injection, cross-site scripting, backdoor files, and OWASP top 10 threats. Users can also optimize their site with advanced CDN techniques and content caching.

Not a customer but still want SiteLock?

No problem. Non-customers can still secure their websites with SiteLock’s offerings after a simple TXT file verification process.

If you’re looking for a hands off solution for monitoring your website for bad-actors, SiteLock offers the ease and convenience you need while offering security protocols that make the most sense for you. Explore what SiteLock has to offer.

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