It is simply known as THE BIG BET

Giveaways vs Seattle. vs eNom.

Fun loving versus … whatever eNom is.

I know what you’re thinking: “Is this really even a competition?” You might also be thinking, “What in the heck is an eNom?” Good questions. eNom is a domain registrar, kind of like, and we’re both members of the Rightside family. We’re of course located in Denver, and they’re headquartered in the Seattle area.

Given that there’s a fairly significant Denver vs. Seattle football contest on the horizon, we thought we’d take advantage of this fortunate coincidence and place a little bet on the game.

The stakes:

Get used to this look, eNom. You'll be taking orders from Jared in the very near future.
Get used to this look, eNom. You’ll be taking orders from Jared in the very near future.

Here’s how this is going to go down. When Denver wins the big game, I (Jared Ewy, pictured to the right), get to go to eNom and run their office. I’ll have their management bring me coffee and snacks, and occasionally— like every 10 minutes, I’ll shout OMAHA and everyone will have to switch desks. If you don’t know who I am, then here’s a sneak peak at my leadership style.

On the off chance that Peyton Manning is attacked by bees and the Denver defense accidentally eats a pan of medibles, thus steeping them in a state of lethargic pacifism, then the ensuing Seattle victory will bring eNom’s Biz Dev Whiz Chris Sheridan and his hard-nuckle, boiler room sales tactics to Everyone will have to wear a tie and undergo a day of intense sales training. Imagine something like you’d get during a seminar at the Radisson, and that’s what we’ll have to endure.

You, the customer, might wonder, “WHAT IN THE SWEET #$%$ IS IN IT FOR ME?”

In both situations, Chris or myself–and perhaps with the help of Rightside GM Steve Banfield–will (in our own unique styles) try to convince a domain registry to offer a BIG HUGE DISCOUNT on domain names. If they don’t then I’ll hide behind plants and stuff and shout OMAHA. Or lead stretches during their lunch.

You can keep track of our bet or offer your own thoughts and picks by using the hashtag #BigBowlBet on Twitter.