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Do you ever wish domain management was easier, more secure, and could be customized to suit your needs? Good news: At, we understand how important these features are, and have created tools to help you solve these common problems.

There are a variety of resources available within your account that can help you keep track of domains that are going to expire, increase account security, and make domain management a breeze.

Add an extra layer of security to your account

While we always work to make sure our customer’s information is as safe as possible, we also offer additional layers of security for those who want more security measures in place. There are a couple of tools that can benefit those who want more control over their account’s security.

Two-step verification:

Two-step verification changes the account login process by requiring a constantly changing code to be entered in addition to your username and password. The code, which is generated through third party apps on your computer or mobile device, makes it more difficult for your account to be hacked. Enable Two-step verification by navigating to the Security section of your Account Settings.

Security notifications:

Want to know whenever someone attempts to or successfully logs into your account? Set your preferences to receive an email any time a login attempt is made by managing your Security Settings. Here, you also have the option of disallowing password reset emails, which could potentially be used by hackers to gain access to your account.

Enjoy flexible renewal options

If you own or manage multiple websites, it’s easy to lose track of when a domain—and the products associated with it—are about to expire. To make the renewal process easier, take advantage of these two features.

Sync expiration dates:

Our domain expiration sync allows you to change the expiration dates of any owned .COM and .NET domains so they they all renew at the same time. Having just one date to remember when it comes time to renew your domains decreases the chance that you accidentally let one expire.

Automatic renewal:

Don’t want to manually renew your domains and products when they’re about to expire? You can set up automatic renewal in your Account Settings so that your card is automatically charged whenever a renewal date approaches. As long as you have an eligible default payment method on file, you can opt specific domains and products in and out of Automatic renewal. Head to your Billing and Renewal Settings to opt into this service.

Set your preferences ahead of time

Aside from renewal options and security settings, there are plenty of other features in’s Account Settings that can make product and domain management easier.

Opt out of the transfer lock:

As of the end of 2016, changes to ICANN’s Transfer Policy placed additional restrictions on the transfer of domains to combat domain hacking. However, these new ordinances have made it more difficult for those transferring their domain from one account to another. By heading to the bottom of the Account Settings page, users can select a setting that will automatically opt them out of a transfer lock whenever possible.

All of these features are helpful to account owners, but there are plenty more ready to be discovered. Explore your account to find out all the ways you can customize your user experience.

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