to be part of Rightside, a new domain services company


So as many of you know, was acquired this past January by Demand Media. Not too much has changed in our day-to-day operations since being acquired, except that we have been part of a much larger team and organization. Demand Media owns content sites such as and Society6, as well as Domain Services companies like eNomNameJet, and of course

With the introduction of New TLDs, the Internet is undergoing the largest change since its inception—with that, our company is changing too. Earlier this year, Demand Media announced it was contemplating spinning off the Domain Services side of the business into a separate publicly traded company. Today, it announced the name and the executives for that proposed company.

And with that, Rightside is born.

Rightside? A new parent company for WHAT DOES IT MEAN? #doublerainbow

So how do we feel? And more importantly how should you, our unique, loyal, and totally awesome customers feel? Frankly, pretty damn stoked. Rightside’s mission is to advance how consumers and organizations define and represent themselves online. In the old days we used to giggle when a customer would call in to our support line and say, “OK, I bought my domain name, now where’s my website?” but times have changed. With Rightside’s focus on end-to-end solutions we’ll have the resources, tools, team, infrastructure, and platform to serve our customers better than ever before. And as the former “Little registrar that could,” we’re pumped to finally be playing with the big boys. Having a parent company solely focused on domain name services will allow us to be the best version of yet—and that feels good.

We’re thrilled to share how all the puzzle pieces are finally fitting together. Worry not—we’ll still be us, kicking out ridiculous content and providing you with world-class customer support, but we’ll also be able to offer the products and services you’ve been requesting for years—like a new email product!

Taryn Naidu will be steering the new ship, and in the words of marketing manager Ashley Forker, “Taryn is totally @#$*&^@ awesome!” We’ve got some extremely intelligent, well-versed thinkers and doers on our team … we’re going places and would love for you to come along for the ride.

Plus it’ll totally be a party (getting online can be fun, for reals).