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Over the past few months, we’ve been thinking about how we can better serve our developer-level customers to help them make the most of their experience at Improving our existing API came back as one of the top ways we could help customers use our services more efficiently.

What’s new with the API?

We’re stoked to announce the launch of a new, fully RESTful API that our developer customers will love. This API allows users to programmatically access the information they’re looking for and lets developers integrate’s backend system with their own website for reseller purposes. We’ve included easy to follow examples in our documentation to help you quickly grasp the commands you need to efficiently find the information you’re looking for.

How can I check out the API myself?

The link to the API is available here, or you can access it by logging into your account, clicking the My Account drop-down menu, and selecting the API link under the My Dashboard section. Unlike prior APIs, you don’t need to submit an application to access and use API v4—you can create a new token for yourself straight off the bat.

What’s that you say about pizza?

To celebrate the launch and give our customers a chance to learn more about the API and what it is capable of, we’re hosting APIzza Party at our Denver office this Thursday, Feb. 8 at 6 p.m. MST. If you’re in the Denver area, we’d like to invite you to swing by our office at 414 14th St. to partake in pizza and a rundown of the API from the very folks who created it. If you aren’t locally based, you can still tune in to the tutorial by joining our Facebook Live video which will stream at the same time. You’ll be able to ask questions via live chat and get to know API v4—and don’t worry, we’ll eat an extra piece of pizza just for you.

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