Customer Rakes in Cash from .COM

There should be a business version of “stop and smell the roses” that goes something like “pause right now and talk to your customers.” Whenever we do we learn a lot, and Adam is no exception. We were excited enough to hear that a namer had won the Verisign .COM domain contest–well, he’s a semifinalist, but he has a check for five grand on the way–yet we were blown away that this is a guy behind the Singing Dogs because, for reals, he plays the saxophone and his dogs sing along. No, really, check out the video above.

We’re a bit giddy about the dogs, but we should tell you something about the contest. Verisign, the digital deities behind such Internet behemoths as .COM and .NET, challenged domain shoppers to get the best possible .COM domains. Adam ended being one of five semifinalists with It’s one of those perfect URLs that says what you do, comes loaded with SEO, and makes it super easy to share. Adam, however, does have some tough competition:

domain name contest

Which domain do you think will win? And did you realize you still have through April 30, 2015 to enter? Not that we want to hurt Adam’s chances, but we’d love more customers to get a shot at some of Verisign’s cash. Happy Domaining!