New Product: Branded URL Shortener, powered by BL.INK

New Product: Branded URL Shortener, powered by BL.INK header image

We’re excited to announce the launch of our latest product offering, created with marketers and business owners in mind.

Meet our new Branded URL Shortener, powered by BL.INK, which allows you to share links with your followers over social channels while promoting your business through custom short links.

What’s different about our Branded URL Shortener?

If you have a hand in marketing, you’re likely familiar with link shorteners. These products are ideal for shortening long, unwieldy looking links into something more manageable. However, these links remain confusing and typically lack inherent meaning. A service like might succeed in shortening your link, but the random combination of letters and numbers (e.g.  that it uses to direct traffic is not meaningful and certainly not memorable.

BL.INK, our Branded URL Shortener, creates short links that use real words—they’re automatically generated by pulling context from the link that you are sharing. The result is a memorable, meaningful, customized short link. (e.g. Or, you can purchase a domain name and use that as the basis for your link shortener.

What unique features can users take advantage of?

BL.INK makes life easier. For example, you can change a link’s destination after it has already been shared. This is perfect for correcting mistakes even after a link has been shared, or redirecting a link to a better destination after a one-time event or promotion. And the best part? That process can even be automated.

How can I start using BL.INK?

Setting up your account is quick and easy. We offer several plans for the product (including a free version!) that scale based on the size of your team and the features you need. Once you purchase the product and set up your account, you’ll be transferred over to the BL.INK interface where you can start creating and sharing links right away.

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