New SEO study provides further evidence that New Domains can rank well organically

New SEO study provides further evidence that New Domains can rank well organically header image

The Domain Name Association recently released a study commissioned from SEO company Web Traffic Advisors to examine the impact that domain choice may have on SEO. You can download the full report here, but we’ve highlighted some of the most interesting points as they relate to New Domains.

Google ranks new and legacy TLDs equally.

Via DNA’s SEO Case Study.

Google has already verified that New Domains are treated the same as Legacy TLDs when it comes to organic search. However, the study further proved that choosing a relevant New Domain extension could help websites rank well for certain keywords. This is good news for those who want to be discovered organically, especially since ranking well means website owners don’t have to devote marketing dollars to paid search results.

The case study highlights a few New Domains that currently rank in top organic spots in Google search results:,,, and All these domains rank on the first or within the top three pages of search results for anywhere from 30-10,000 different keyword phrases.

What may be even more impressive is that some of these domains are ranking well for keywords that are heavily competed for, such as the SEO industry that is a part of. Although indexed pages, inbound links, and many other considerations must be accounted for when looking at organic rank, just the fact that a New Domain that has only been around for a few years can perform so well is promising for New Domain owners everywhere.

The estimated cost savings when these organically ranking domains are compared to relevant paid search results are even more astounding. Cost per click advertising for keywords related to are estimated to cost $3,000 a month to achieve a similar ranking. is in a league of its own, with an estimate that it would cost $236,000 a month to achieve equal paid results based on its approximate 114,000 organic clicks.

There’s still a lot we don’t know when it comes to organic search and how different factors contribute to a website’s rank. However, it’s becoming clear that New Domains can, at times, prove advantageous in a crowded and competitive online space. Read the full report on the relationship between New Domains and organic search traffic by downloading DNA’s study.

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