Project #FreeDavidWalshDotName = SUCCESS!

What happened with David Walsh? His domain was stolen and we got it back. Sounds pretty mundane, but it’s such a crazy story it deserves its own promo code. As a matter of fact, it even made the evening news:

It’s true. We’re not making anything on these transfers but we’re just so darn excited. Use Promo Code “DAVIDWALSH” and transfer in any COM/NET for $7.25! Transfer in any .NAME for just $6.99! AND THAT INCLUDES A YEAR REGISTRATION! You also get all the cool freebies, the domain forwarding, the social URL forwarding and, most importantly, the free VIP Security to keep your domains safe.

THIS JUST IN…MORE INFORMATION: We’ve just received details from behind the scenes. When a domain is stolen, this is how the Name Ninja team handles the situation:

The David Walsh Incident

~ Zero Hour ~

A short dramatization by Owen Borseth

“Scott,” his wife was barely awake when she poked him in the side to rouse him. “It’s the phone.”

“The phone?” Scott looked at the clock with his eyes half opened. “Who the hell? At this hour? I’m not answering it.”



“The phone.”

“I’m not answering it. Just go back to sleep.”

“It’s,” she paused. “It’s the red phone,” this time Scott sat up, fully awake.

The red phone could mean only one thing, there was a domain name emergency and operatives were springing into action. Scott rubbed his eyes and ran his fingers through his scruffy rust colored beard before picking up the handset, “this is Scott.”

“Scott,” the voice on the other end of the line greeted, “Paul here. We’ve got ourselves a situation. We need you in the war room, stat.”

The night air and the office temperature were not the only frigid things Scott felt when he stopped outside the war room’s door on that brisk early morn. The cold calculating eyes of Paul and the icy tight lipped expression on Bo’s face froze the room like a winter’s storm. The last time the red phone rang it had been summer, it was mid-afternoon, and the warmth of the day made the already heated situation that much more unbearable. Scott didn’t know which incident was worse, then with the heat or now with the cold. He removed his gloves so that he could type but left his coat zipped up, then stepped into the war room where his fellow operatives were waiting.

“It’s a dot name,” Bo’s eyes never left the monitor but the former marine was well aware of Scott’s arrival. “”

Paul pushed his glasses up higher onto the bridge of his nose, “thirty seven tweets, one hundred ninety three re-tweets, and counting. It’s a real cluster…”

“Who are the players?” Scott interrupted.

“From GoDaddy to us and then from us to 1&1,” Paul replied.

“GoDaddy,” Scott’s voice seethed and his face reddened. “I don’t care what happens, we get David Walsh his domain back.”

Bo looked up from his monitor, “let’s round up our posse and get started then.”

“I’ll bring my laptop,” Scott declared before walking out of the room.

Bo stood up, “And I’ll bring my knife.”

Harvey Specter
Posted at 9:34 pm December 8, 2011
Mathieu Gosbee

loooove it! #FREEDAVIDWALSHDOTNAME a success!

Harvey Specter
Posted at 1:30 am December 9, 2011
Ian Mitchell

You guys are great people!

Harvey Specter
Posted at 2:54 am December 9, 2011

Awesome. I think I’ll transfer just cause you guys are so much fun. 🙂

Harvey Specter
Posted at 4:25 am December 9, 2011

We hope you do! Especially if it means we need to keep having fun.

Harvey Specter
Posted at 4:26 am December 9, 2011

We’ll try to keep it up. This kind of feedback will is very encouraging.

Harvey Specter
Posted at 4:28 am December 9, 2011

And it feels so good. Thanks for stopping by!

Harvey Specter
Posted at 9:25 am December 9, 2011
f1 ‘8b’ad’93’f2 f0 f1 ‘8e’d3 f0

I have been your customers for several years now. (With domainsite and name) – Your service has always been excellent and above par when in comparison to Godaddy and other registrars I’ve been with. (Though namecheap are pretty awesome.. but it seems you can’t beat when it comes to price)

Keep doing what you guys are doing!!!!!

p.s. I’m using my Chinese name, tis’ the name I’m using for Google+!

Harvey Specter
Posted at 10:33 am December 9, 2011

I had fun watching and reading this. I may have to start doing my domain work through you guys just for your sense of humor about everything, lol

Harvey Specter
Posted at 11:42 am December 9, 2011

I’ve been with (and previously DomainSite) since 2006. Your sense of humour and awesome customer support is one reason I’ve stayed with you guys. Glad this ended well 🙂

Harvey Specter
Posted at 2:24 am December 14, 2011
Sunny Singh

I’m glad David got his domain back, plus I love the humor of this video as well as the promos you gave out. Happy ending after all.