.NEWS domains are now available for immediate registration

.NEWS domains are now available for immediate registration header image
New Domains

It’s the .NEWS release day. You can start registering .NEWS domains right now with Early Access Program pricing. The price will come down each day between now and Wednesday, July 15, when we reach the standard price point. This is the registry’s way of letting the market determine the price point for high-value .NEWS domains. You can still place .NEWS Preorders, including Preorders for EAP price points, so head to the .NEWS search page and find your domain.

What’s so great about .NEWS anyway?

We think .NEWS is one of the best New Domains yet—it’s applicable from everyone to individuals to non-profit organizations to small businesses to corporations. Here are some ideas:

  • Individuals: Use .NEWS to start a new blog, create an online portfolio for your journalism career, link to your personal social media profiles.
  • Non-profits and small businesses: Create landing pages with updates on your latest special events, sales, news, etc., or forward the domain to your Facebook/Twitter pages.
  • Corporations: Use .NEWS as a home for your press releases, job postings, personnel updates, corporate blog, and more.
  • Entrepreneurs: Create the next Vox, Buzzfeed, or Gawker-like network, but brand the site with .NEWS instead of a generic domain.