Why you and your online store deserve a .SHOP domain

Why you and your online store deserve a .SHOP domain header image

Are you an expert-level crafter who is taking Etsy by a storm? Or a pro thrifter who sells your coolest finds on eBay? If this sounds like you, this is your wakeup call—why not turn your online shop into a small business?

The problem with being a third party seller

When you sell through a third party business like eBay or Amazon, it’s hard to make your personal brand shine. Most people won’t remember your store name when their friends ask where they got that sweet new wall print or custom shoes—they’ll just say they got it off Etsy. But when you use a custom domain to house your products, people will know and recognize your brand for what it is: an awesome place to get the goods they love.

Own your brand with .SHOP

The .SHOP domain is perfect for online sellers who are ready to turn their hobby into an online business. It’s a great way to tell visitors what they can expect from your website while still leaving you with plenty of creative freedom. Whether you decide to use yourbrand.shop or focus on the merchandise you sell (like vintagegoods.shop or handmaderugs.shop), you can be sure that your domain will stand out among the online crowd.

Registering a custom domain for your website is the first step toward building a recognizable brand online. And when it comes to eCommerce, there’s no better domain extension to choose than .SHOP. Start your domain search today and give your online goods the platform they deserve.

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