How .ORG is creating a better internet

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Doing Good

The .ORG domain has been around for years, and is recognized as one of the most trustworthy extensions available. But this domain is doing more than providing a professional online space for organizations and nonprofits—it’s also helping to create equal access to internet service around the world.

Each time you register a .ORG domain, you’re supporting the efforts of the Internet Society: an independent movement that advocates for healthy, sustainable internet for everyone.

What does the Internet Society do?

The Internet Society is a worldwide organization that advocates for open access to internet, open development of standards and protocols, and other internet-related policy. The organization also offers training workshops for internet users in developing countries and hosts events that bring together the internet community to promote collaboration and innovation.

The Internet Society has brought about a number of positive changes in the internet sphere, including increasing access to internet in low income households, and advocating for better online accessibility for those with disabilities.

How to register a .ORG domain

If you’re looking for a professional looking domain ending for your nonprofit organization, .ORG is the perfect extension. As one of the most trusted domains available, your visitors can rest assured knowing that your website offers a legitimate way to learn more about your cause and get involved. Better yet, there are no restrictions on .ORG domains, so anyone who is interested in registering one is free to do so.

.ORG and the Internet Society are doing their part to change the world for the better—and you can too.

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