.SHOP is now available for anyone to register

.SHOP is now available for anyone to register header image

One of the most widely anticipated New Domains has reached General Availability and is now available for anyone to register. The .SHOP domain has finally hit the market, and is showing signs of being enormously successful.

Register a .shop domain

Why .SHOP is a big deal

With over 1,180 applications submitted during Sunrise period alone, .SHOP has already created a buzz in the online community—and the extension has the potential to become one of the most widely recognized New Domains on the market. According to .SHOP registry GMO, there are already 103 million pages that have domains that end in “shop.” Website owners who adopted this domain could reduce the number of characters in their URL while taking advantage of a domain that indicates the website’s purpose and serves as a powerful call to action.

How can you use .SHOP?

.SHOP is versatile enough to be used in many applications. It could be used as the primary URL for an eCommerce site or for the website of a brick-and-mortar shop. Or, the domain could be used to specifically promote a special sale or shopping event.

Online sellers without their own websites still have the opportunity to use this extension as well. Anyone with an eBay page or Etsy store can customize their online presence with a .SHOP domain that forwards to their seller page or product listings.

.SHOP is not restricted exclusively to store owners either. Those who enjoy sharing shopping tips, sales, coupons, and more can use this domain to highlight their expertise. Use .SHOP for a shopping-related blog, forum, or product review site.

As .SHOP is still in the early stages of adoption, now is a prime time to get the domain that you’re interested in. Start your search here.