Soda: To drink or not to drink?

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It’s a precarious thing, messing with people’s food.

We’ve got food on our mind. We’re not talking about that gurgle in our stomachs telling us we’re hungry, we’re talking about the complex question of what’s for lunch. Seems simple right? Not when we’re talking about replacing the Chips Ahoy and soda pop:

Food policy workplace healthy versus junk food.

Let the conversation begin.

We’re a conscious collective. A hand full of us look at the standard American diet and it makes us want to cry. It’s perplexing really, that people mow down on processed foods all day long and then wonder why they have no energy and are growing larger and larger. It’s easy to avoid a lot of these foods when doing your personal grocery shopping but my does it challenge the mind to walk past brightly colored promise of sugary goodness.

Some of the “food” in question.

We’re lucky that stocks the kitchen on a weekly basis. We’ve had more than a few grocery order snafu’s which led us to thinking, “there has to be a more efficient way of doing this.” This in turn inspired a cost review of comparable grocery stores and that ultimately took us to the heart of the issue: We’re buying a lot of bad food.

So how do you effectively take these foods away, without turning into the much hated food police? Well we decided we’d start by feeling the waters. We sent out a survey which came back with great results:

hmmm…pie chart.

The internal conversations after pushing the survey feedback to the company:

food is food unless it's junk food.

There will be a company meeting about self-flagellation in the workplace.

So we’re off to a good start but we’re looking for your help. How do you guys get over the healthy hump? Do any of you work for a company that does a great job at providing a healthy and delicious lunch? Talk to us!