Thanks to .TECH for supporting Hack the Dot Seattle (it was awesome!)

Thanks to .TECH for supporting Hack the Dot Seattle (it was awesome!) header image

We helped host Hack the Dot Seattle during Seattle Startup Week, and, as usual, the event was seriously fantastic. Forty-five coding school students, developers, designers, and Seattle startup community members gathered at Galvanize in Pioneer Square to unleash an epic amount of nerdiness on a .TECH domain name while devouring pizza and drinking great local beers.

The domain name that everybody built ideas for at Hack the Dot Seattle was This was a last minute domain change because we were originally planning to use the domain to accompany the educational theme of Seattle Startup Week. The organizers of Hack the Dot Seattle made a last minute decision to change domain names because they all thought “taco” would produce some more entertaining ideas and pitches at the end of the night.

The switch from to was definitely worth it. Many of the participants had just begun coding school, so the goofier name led to a more relaxed and fun event. The stress-free environment at Galvanize and silly domain name offered the perfect opportunity for students (many of whom were doing their first hackathon ever) to flex their developer muscles in a non-judgmental environment.

The winning idea for Hack the Dot Seattle was a funky creation that was more humorous than technical: a “your taco” joke generator that had hysterical results. All you had to do was press a button on the application and you would automatically be shown a joke that can easily be shared with friends on various social media platforms. The jokes were all variations of “yo mama” jokes and led to lots of laughs in the Galvanize Full Stack classroom.

Hack the Dot Seattle was seriously awesome and we definitely want to host and support more events in the Seattle area in the future! We also want to give a huge thanks to .TECH for supporting this event by letting us use the premium domain name We also want to give a high five to Galvanize’s Lee Ngo for helping to organize the event. In addition to helping organize the event, Lee also showed us that the soundtrack from the movie The Social Network is the perfect music to have playing in the background of a hackathon…

If you love hackathons and startups, you’ll definitely love the .TECH domain name extension. Take a moment to search for a .TECH and see if your domain is available.

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