The April 2021 promo code is a classic delight

The April 2021 promo code is a classic delight header image

Welcome to April, folks. Use this promo code now through the end of the month to save on your .com and .net renewals.

Use the promo code CARROTCAKE now through April 30, 2021 to renew your .com domains for $12.99 and .net domains for $14.99. This code does not apply to new registrations or Premium domains.

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If you’ve ever been in a situation where you notice that a big bag of carrots in your fridge is starting to get a little sad and wilted, your mind might immediately turn to carrot cake. After all, it’s carrot cake—surely by baking this treat you’ll get most of the way through that 5-pound bag you have taking up inventory in your crisper drawer.

But the unfortunate truth is that carrot cake does not require NEARLY as many carrots as one might assume. Need a cup and a half of grated carrots for your recipe? Well congrats, you’ve officially used up 3 whole carrots and now you’re still stuck with 4 pounds.

Still, there is something about biting into a piece of carrot cake that fills you with joy. The warm flavors of cinnamon and nutmeg, the silky smooth cream cheese frosting, and the joy of convincing yourself that it can’t be that unhealthy if it’s 50% vegetables, right? All of those make the experience utterly worth it. Perhaps getting through the bag of carrots isn’t about the destination, but the journey along the way?

Just make sure you skip the raisins. No one wants that.