The August 2021 promo code marks peak summer

The August 2021 promo code marks peak summer header image

Time has somehow passed faster than ever before and here we are in the hight of summer, more than halfway through 2021. If you are having a small existential crisis about that fact like we are, be comforted by the loving embrace of another .com and .net promo code.

Use the promo code CORN now through August 31, 2021 to renew your .com domains for $12.99 and .net domains for $14.99. This promo code does not apply to new registrations or Premium Domains.

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It isn’t summertime unless you make meal plans for the week that center around grilling and consuming corn in every way imaginable only to find that your local grocery store has a corn bin filled with nothing but stray corn husks and sadness. But on the rare occasion that you are able to secure an ample bounty of fresh corn, there’s nothing left to do but enjoy a glorious mouthful of summertime.

From spiced elote to fresh corn salad, this veggie is a humble companion to summer meals that certainly knows how to pack a punch. There’s nothing quite like fishing a corncob out of the embers of a campfire, peeling back the husk, and enjoying perfectly roasted kernels on a mild summer night.

So remember to use the promo code CORN this month while renewing your .com and .net domains.