The best domain tools in the industry? Yeah, we think so too.

The best domain tools in the industry? Yeah, we think so too. header image
User Experience

2013 was a good year.  Twitter held their IPO, Apple debuted the new iPhone 5S, the New England Patriots won the Super Bowl (The Editor disagrees that this is a good thing), Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge was born, and launched the brand new Domain Management tools. Six years ago these domain tools were cutting edge—and for the most part, they have stood the test of time.

But we knew we could do better.

Always making things better

A lot more than notable pop culture has changed since 2013. More of our customers than ever before are using their phones and tablets to buy and manage domains. The number of sessions by mobile users increased by 193% since 2013 and in 2018 alone, users visited on their phones more than 2.1 million times.

Number of mobile users over time.
Number of mobile users over time.

The domains and services we offer have also changed significantly over the past six years. For example. Whois Privacy was replaced with Advanced Security, which includes advanced features like Domain Lock Plus and a free SSL Certificate. With these new and different service offerings, it only made sense to rework the way our users interact with and manage their domains.

So meet our new and improved domain details page:

New domain details page

Our mission while designing the new page was simple: make sure it’s really, really easy to use. You’ll find that the page is cleaner and more intuitive than ever before. The tools that our users access most often, like nameserver and DNS record management, are now front and center. Instead of scrolling through a long list of product tabs to see what is connected with your domain, you’ll be able to see what’s already being used without ever having to leave the page. And most importantly, the page looks and feels elegant no matter the device you’re viewing it on.

You can see the difference for yourself in this comparison:

New vs. old domain details.
Old version on left, new version on right.

We’re really proud of the new page and can honestly say it’s designed exactly how we would want to manage our own domains. You should see the improved layout rolling out within the next few weeks, so stay tuned.