The July 2021 promo code is sure to beat the heat

The July 2021 promo code is sure to beat the heat header image

Summer is in full swing here in the northern hemisphere with scorching hot temperatures to accompany it. But don’t you know that the best way to beat the heat is to take advantage of piping hot deals on .com and .net renewals?

Use the promo code MELON now through July 31, 2021 to renew your .com domains for $12.99 and .net domains for $14.99. This promo code does not apply to registrations or Premium domains.

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As soon as mid-June rolls around, using the stove or the oven is practically sacrilegious. Instead, it’s time to take full advantage of grilling outdoors, whipping up cold salads, and snacking on refreshing treats.

From cantaloupe to honeydew, the humble melon is the unsung hero of summertime. Tasty enough to satisfy your sweet tooth but refreshing enough to quench your thirst, biting into a perfectly ripe wedge of melon is a highlight of the season.

So as your enjoying a mid-afternoon snack during the peak heat of the day, remember to use the code MELON to save on this month’s .com and .net renewals.