The June 2019 promo code is near and dear to our hearts

The June 2019 promo code is near and dear to our hearts header image

Summer is almost here and so is our June 2019 promo code, which can help you save on your .com and .net renewals all month long.

Use the promo code MAYO June 1-30, 2019 to renew your .com domains for $10.99 and .net domains for $12.99. This promo cannot be used on new registrations or Premium Domains, but it can be used as many times as you need.

Renew your domains with MAYO


Mayo sleepin'
Mayo taking a snooze on the couch.

Mayo/mayonnaise is a pretty great condiment in general when it comes to sandwiches, but that’s not why we chose it for our June promo code. Instead, meet Patti Mayonnaise, aka Mayo, who is one of our most frequent office dog visitors.

Mayo is a rescue dog who was found wandering around a parking lot by her owners Kristen and Collin. She’s an old lady with only one tooth left, and does what we like to call “the Mayo scream” any time Kristen leaves the room for too long. She also hates children with a burning passion and is an expert when it comes to accessing and eating food that she is definitely not supposed to have.

Despite her—er—eccentricities, we love Mayo all the same, and the days she visits the office are fun ones.

So remember to use the promo code MAYO this month for all of your .com and .net renewal needs.