We’re keeping it spicy with the May 2021 promo code

We’re keeping it spicy with the May 2021 promo code header image
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It’s finally starting to feel like summer here in Denver, which mean’s we are whipping out the margs, outdoor tables, and this month’s .com and .net promo code.

Use the promo code SALSA May 1-31, 2021 to renew your .com domains for $12.99 and .net domains for $14.99. This promo code does not apply to new registrations or Premium Domains.

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Here’s a hot take for you: Chips and salsa is the best party food ever. Why you might ask? First of all, it is pretty universally loved. Sure, some people might prefer a salsa that is more or less spicy than another, but that’s rarely going to stop anyone from absentmindedly munching if it is right there in front of them.

Also it is cheap. Like, real cheap. As in I’m-still-in-college-sharing-a-rental-with-4-roommates levels of cheap.

And finally, you put hardly any effort into procuring the chips and salsa and no one will judge you for it. Sure, Cynthia over there has brought hand pies shaped like baby kangaroos, which took her 8 hours to make, but people will be just as pleased with chips and salsa served straight from their original containers as they will Pinterest-worth recipes.

So don’t just save time, convenience, and money on your party snacks this month. Save them on your domain names too by using the code SALSA at checkout.