What is bounce rate?

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There are a lot of marketing terms thrown around online, and it can be easy to get tripped up in the meaning of some. If you’ve ever wondered, “what is bounce rate?” we’ve created a simple definition that’ll help you understand what exactly bounce rate is.

Bounce rate is the percentage of people who end up on one of your website pages and then leave without clicking on any page elements or going to another page on your site.

Bounce rate is important because a high bounce rate means that your site is likely converting low since people aren’t staying on your site long enough to convert on a landing page or read your content.

Having a high bounce rate usually means that there are a handful of problems with your site, including: slow page loading times, bad mobile viewing experience, poor user experience/user interface, or poor content quality.

Getting your bounce rate as low as possible will help grow your website, increase pageviews, and increase sales.