What is Hack the Dot?

What is Hack the Dot? header image

We get that question a lot: What is this thing? It’s hard to answer. At its root, Hack the Dot is an organically successful people pleaser that generates amazing ideas while bringing out the best in people. Logistically, it’s quite simple:

Hack the Dot is a two-hour hackathon event that brings together coding students, marketers, designers, and developers of all levels of expertise to create a fun product in a short amount of time. Participants will develop a functional (and humorous) project based on a secret domain name while interacting with like-minded individuals in the tech, science, media, marketing and design community.

I stole that from the hack.social page. But it pretty much nails the cold, hard facts. Some other truths include:

  1. There’s pizza.
  2. Beverages (the type of beverage varies depending on the audience.)
  3. Co-working spaces, schools, tech companies, libraries, or your computer science club can all host one (sign up here).
  4. People have fun (see video below).
  5. You can go to our next Hack the Dot at Denver’s Turing School of Software and Design (<—click that pretty green text to sign up).