Why Name.com is great for investors

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Domain investors have a lot of options when it comes to where they buy, sell, and manage their domains. But at Name.com, we’ve created specific tools and programs that make us a great choice for investors with large inventories. Here are just a few of the reasons why Name.com is an excellent choice for domain investors.

Great pricing

Price is one of the biggest considerations while choosing a domain registrar, so we work to keep the cost of our domains and products fair. Take advantage of monthly promo codes on .COM and .NET domain as well as weekly domain flash sales during Bottoms Rupp Happy Hour.

Easy to use bulk search

Mass searching for domains is simple when you use Name.com’s bulk search tool. Use curated lists to specify the type of TLDs you’re looking for in your keyword searches, or create your own which can be saved for the future. We purposefully keep our bulk search page stripped down, so that investors can get straight to the information they need.

Expiring domain search

expiring domain searchOur expiring domain search is fun to browse on a whim, but for investors, it can be a valuable resource for finding hidden gems. Complete with a countdown of exactly when the domain will expire, our expiring domain search lets you snatch up the domains you find valuable the instant they become available.

Instant transfers to other Name.com accounts

Have a buyer who’s also a Name.com user? Or separate accounts for personal and investment domains? Transfer them instantly using Name.com’s easy account-to-account transfer capability. It means less time waiting around for transfers to go through and more time for taking care of the things that matter.

The option to opt out of 60-day domain holds (where applicable)

After a change to ICANN’s Transfer Policy last year, it became harder to transfer domain names from one account to another due to mandated hold periods. However, at Name.com you have the ability to opt out of these 60-day holds wherever possible by changing your account settings. Even though there are some cases where we can’t bypass the lock period, Name.com will help you as much as possible to avoid any unnecessary waiting periods for transferring your domains.

Bulk management tools

If you have a large number of domains in your account, the last thing you want to do is manually manage every single one of them. That’s where bulk management tools come in. Do everything from renewing all your domains at once to managing the DNS of multiple domains at a time from within your Name.com account.

A great user experience

Account settings screenshot

One of the most common remarks we get from investors who have their domains at Name.com is how clean and simple our management interface is. We avoid using constant pop-ups, endless upsell pages, or shady pricing techniques simply because we don’t like them ourselves. Usability comes first, and we’re always coming up with new ways to make it simpler and faster to accomplish what you need on our site.

Bulk approval for Sedo and Afternic sales

Have a large number of domains that you want to get on the market? With Name.com, you can bulk approve domains in your account that are for sale on Sedo or Afternic. Because Name.com is an Afternic Premium Network partner and a Sedo MLS partner, we’re able to make it easy for investors to list, sell, and transfer domains to new owners.

Access to registry reserved domain names

Some domain registries, like Rightside, have high value domain names that they reserve for select TLDs. These domains are only available through certain registrar partners—like us! By searching for domains on Name.com, you can access a large inventory of domain names that you can’t find elsewhere, include high-value keywords and two character domains.

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