WonderlandMath.live | What an online learning experience teaches us about domain names

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Online learning has exploded as of late, but Tim Guille of WonderlandMath.Live has a great idea: get a domain name that’s as intriguing as your best email subject line. You want people to click and see what you can offer. That’s what he’s discovered with the .live domain name. It describes what they do in that their educational experience is, in fact, live. Hear his story and that of WonderlandMath.live, and get insight into what it takes to be noticed online.

Jared: Tim, tell us more about WonderlandMath.live.

Tim: Jake Neuberg and Ramit Varma really saw a niche and a need for children to fall in love with learning with an interactive classroom.

Jared: And so was born an immersive, interactive, story-based curriculum.

Tim: Yes. WonderlandMath.live is where students get to go on adventures in a small class that’s led by a real instructor. Students who are natural leaders get to exercise that the students who are natural followers also get to become a leader in the classes.

Jared: And as any good educator would, you’re about to teach us something about marketing.

Tim: Not only were we able to get exactly the domain name we wanted, we were also able to use that name to describe to our audience exactly what we are.

Jared: Yeah because with an Identity Digital domain, it’s not just the left side of the dot that describes you, but now the right side.

Tim: Like having a great subject line to an email. You gotta get somebody to open it and understand it early on.

Jared: That is an amazing analogy, and now you can get a domain that shares who you are and what you do.

Tim: And we can teach life skills through this math adventure.

Jared: Wonderlandmath.live, yet another Identity Digital success story. Hear more success stories and see all the tutorials to help you get online at www.Name.video.