New Domain names: Investing
in high-value digital ‘real estate’

The world is expanding beyond traditional legacy domain names. Understanding how to invest in
New Domain names is the next big thing. Savvy investors can reap rewards—quickly.

The domain game is changing

For many years, domain investors found opportunities for six- and seven-figure profits in highly desirable .COM domain names. Today, the next exciting land rush opportunity is in New Domain names, such as .LIVE, .VIDEO, .NEWS, .TODAY, and .GAMES.

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Why invest in New Domain names?

Greater availability

Most of the .COM inventory is no longer available for registration, but New Domains create entirely new, high-value categories.

Memorable names

New Domains such as .FORSALE, .REVIEWS, .LOANS, and .LIFE are memorable, relevant, highly brandable, and versatile.

Traffic drivers

Because New Domains use meaningful, descriptive terms, they can help drive higher website traffic and boost website search rankings, without having to pay for costly search engine placement via online ads.

New domains catching fire

In just three years more than 28 million new domains have been registered, many of which are selling for five and six figures. The growth rate at this stage is higher than that of legacy TLDs, so now is the time to invest.

New domains have only been available to the public for the last three years. In that time,
nearly 28 million new domains have been registered
, and we’re already seeing six figure sales.

Premium Domains Sold

That’s far beyond where the .COM market was after just three years. This means there’s still plenty of early opportunities to get into new domain investing.