New Domain Names: Investing in the
digital real estate of the future

The world is moving beyond .COM domain names. Understanding how
to invest in the future of domain names is the next big thing.

The hidden world of domain investing

The first .COM domain name was created over 30 years ago. Since that time, a small group of savvy domain investors have made millions by identifying high-quality domain names and selling them to the right buyers. It’s an industry that’s flown mostly under the radar, but the immense value of these digital properties has made it very lucrative.

Don’t let the digital nature of domain names fool you. The closest comparison to domains in the investing world is real estate. Domain investors purchase names they feel are undervalued then attempt to flip them for a profit. They often sell to other investors, or to an end customer, who will build (a website) on the property.

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New TLD Extensions

The big change in domain names

Like any investor, domain investors are looking to buy low and sell high. Single domain names have been sold for tens of millions of dollars. Unfortunately, the early days of the .COM gold rush are over. There are 127 million .COM domains in the world today, and a smaller and smaller percentage of that is made up of high-value domains.

This doesn’t mean it’s the end for domain names as investable assets. In fact, a new wave of domain names have hit the market today that are reminiscent of the early .COM boom. The difference is that this new supply of domains ditches the meaningless .COM ending, and replaces it with relevant, contextual keywords like .LIVE, .VIDEO, and .NEWS.

New domains have a variety of uses, from personal branding (.FAMILY, .BAND, or .ROCKS), to specific business verticals (.SALE, .STUDIO, and .GAMES), to valuable, highly targeted professional categories, like .LAWYER, .ATTORNEY, .DENTIST, and .CONSULTING.

Advantages of New Domain Names:

Greater availability

The era of finding short, easily understood terms in .COM is over. New domains open up that availability hundreds of times over.

Memorable Names

New domains like .FORSALE, .REVIEWS, and .NEWS enable more memorable names with clear meanings and potential uses.

Traffic drivers

Because new domains use meaningful, relevant terms, they can help drive higher website traffic and boost website search result rankings.

Own Your Search Terms

As new domains empower users to own the real estate and drive organic traffic to their site, they no longer have to pay monthly to rent search engine placement through online ads.

New domains have only been available to the public for the last three years. In that time,
nearly 28 million new domains have been registered
, and we’re already seeing six figure sales.

Premium Domains Sold

That’s far beyond where the .COM market was after just three years. This means there’s still plenty of early opportunities to get into new domain investing.

Taking advantage of new domains

To go back to the real estate analogy, .COM domains are like a mature market in an established neighborhood with low-quality supply and diminishing demand. New domains are in a growing neighborhood attracting plenty of residents, industry, and commercial businesses. It’s a young market, but it’s also likely where the vast majority of growth will be years down the line.

The owners of these new domains will be able to secure the best, most meaningful terms that can help sites show up at the top of search engine results, rather than paying thousands of dollars per month to secure a high search engine position. While others rent their traffic through online ads, new domains can help you to own that traffic.

Younger internet users, and those in fast-developing countries (where more not-com alternatives exist) aren’t tied to .COM, and see new domains as logical choices to get the domain names they really want. Big brands and businesses are actually using new domains as marketing tools, which increases their awareness and trust among consumers. We’re quickly approaching the point where new domains reach a critical mass, and suddenly become the norm.

But if you wait until everyone knows about new domains, you may have lost your window to invest in these undervalued digital properties. Working in new domains is what we do. We understand the industry, we understand the trade, and we understand the opportunity to turn domains into profitable investments.

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