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A trusted domain for Spanish-speaking legal professionals: .abogado

.ABOGADO is a restricted domain name, only usable by qualified lawyers. A qualified lawyer is defined by the .ABOGADO registry as a professional who is licensed to practice law by an approved regulator of legal services in a given jurisdiction. Potential registrants must be identifiable as a currently licensed practitioner in the public records of a relevant approved regulator.

Why choose a .abogado domain extension?

  • Use a relevant, memorable domain name to advertise your practice online and connect with a Spanish-speaking audience.

  • By registering a .ABOGADO domain, you can enjoy an exclusive domain space that visitors can trust.

  • Because .ABOGADO is a New Domain, it’s less crowded than traditional name spaces, meaning you’re more likely to get your first choice of domain name.

.ABOGADO is a domain meant to help bridge the gap between the 12% of Spanish speakers in the United States and the professional law services available to that population. "Abogado" means "lawyer" in Spanish and creates an easy-to-search name space for lawyers who cater to a Spanish-speaking community. Although .ABOGADO is geared toward the United States, it also serves any Spanish speaking community, lawyer, paralegal, etc., throughout the globe.

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