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.bike: Bring your
passion for cycling online

Create an online home for your bike shop, organize rides with your buddies, or blog about your latest 100-mile ride. With a .BIKE domain, everyone will know that your website is cycling-focused.

This domain is Available!

  • There’s no mystery behind a .BIKE domain--.BIKE instantly brands your website and appeals to cyclists around the globe.

  • .BIKE is a brand new extension. Try searching for yourname.BIKE or yourcompany.BIKE. There’s a good chance it’s available!

Why should I register a .BIKE domain name?

Bicycles are one of the most ecological, affordable, and efficient transportation methods around, making the biking community an internationally expansive one. .BIKE offers a communal space for this network, providing a virtual hub for selling, fixing, and building bikes; for providing guides to trails, long distance rides, or techniques; or for joining or promoting teams. Collectors, enthusiasts, businesses that cater to cyclists – all have a perfect domain in .BIKE.

Special Requirements None
Release Date 26 Nov 2013
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Similar Existing TLDs None

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