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.gent Domain Names

.GENT is derived from the city of Ghent in Belgium (which is “Gent” in Flemish). As one of the oldest known cities in the world, Ghent is a home to several historical sites and thousands of people. Those who live or work in Ghent can now use the .GENT geodomain to establish their presence in the ancient city.

 $39.99 for the first year

Why buy a .gent domain?

TLD Illustration
  • Individuals or business owners can create a concrete presence in Ghent by using a geodomain that informs visitors of their origins.
  • The domain can also be used to advertise the city as a tourist destination.
  • .GENT can also be used creatively to create interesting URLs, like,, or—or you can keep it classy by using .GENT as a shortened version of “gentleman.”

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