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The best place to live online: .HAUS

Sell your home-related goods and services to a German-speaking audience.


“Haus” translates to “House” in English. It’s a great domain extension for any business or individual involved in the housing industry in German-speaking nations, and is also useful for businesses that have “House” in their name.

Why choose a .haus domain?

  • Builders, architects, and construction companies will find .HAUS especially useful. It’s immediately recognizable to anyone in the construction or real estate business—there are 14,000+ real estate companies in Germany, and 70,000+ private property sellers on the Immobilienscout24 platform.

  • Familial businesses can also take advantage of a .haus domain name. For example, “House of Stein” or “Steinhaus” can be made into a simple domain name:

  • Similarly, businesses that are named after their main product can use a .HAUS domain, such as or

How to use your .haus domain

Real estate agents

Agents selling in German-speaking locations can list for sale homes with .HAUS.

Mortgage lenders

Advertise home loans and encourage users to reach out for a quote with the .HAUS extension.

Design houses

Stand out by using .HAUS to replace the term “house” at the end of your brand name.

Website owners

Get creative with your URL and use .HAUS for a unique spin on a domain name.

.haus Pricing

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