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The .TENNIS domain: Game, set, match


Tennis is a sport that is loved across the world by the young and old. Tennis enthusiasts, recreational teams, or professional players can now use a .TENNIS domain to build credibility and connect with a larger community.

Why choose a .tennis domain?

  • Professional tennis players and large competitions can specify their niche with a .TENNIS domain.

  • Sports equipment companies can appeal directly to tennis players by using a .TENNIS subdomain.

  • Recreational players and clubs can connect with other tennis lovers through a specialized domain.


Why does tennis get its own spot on the Web? Because it's one of the most popular sports to watch and play in the world, that's why. For all the players, coaches, clubs, instructors, spectators, and writers in the tennis world, there's a new home on the Web with .TENNIS. This unique TLD option helps foster a digital hub for the tennis world, making it easier for those advertising services and products to connect with local groups online, and to develop fan sites with increased networking capability.

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