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.сайт: The Internet in your language

Get a domain that speaks to Cyrillic speakers. .сайт domains are entirely in Cyrillic—it’s the end of wondering, “How do I write this as a domain name?”


Why choose a .сайт domain extension?

  • With .сайт, your name or trademark will be displayed on the internet in its original form.

  • A .сайт domain will be easy to find on the internet.

  • .сайт is new, so it has great availability. Get the exact domain name you want!

In Bulgarian for example, it is much easier to remember моят.сайт than moyat.sitet? With domains in your own language you will not have to repeat them several times or write the name of your site for your customers or friends. It will be easily recognizable.

There are no restrictions on .сайт domain name registrations.

You do not need to have registered company in any country, nor do you have to be a citizen of it. These domains are available to everyone.
• All standard Cyrillic symbols are supported.

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