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The perfect space
for your online store: .store

As a domain that caters directly to the eCommerce market, .STORE is a great option for established brands, small businesses, and new ventures. Create a distinctive space for your online brand and connect with more online shoppers with .STORE.


Why choose a .store domain extension?

  • Take advantage of an uncrowded domain space, where you’re more likely to get your first choice of domain names.

  • Tell your potential customers what your business is about, before they even enter your website.

  • Websites that sell merchandise on the side can highlight that service on their website with a .STORE domain extension.

.STORE is an interesting nTLD that hopes to provide space for a wide range of websites and services. The obvious choice for .STORE is something e-commerce related. However, a large part of the internet is concerned with how users store information in a fast and secure manner. Combine the two behemoths of online commerce and information storage, and its no wonder that .STORE is one of the most highly anticipated new TLDS.

.STORE domains to think about:









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