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The link in bio that’s built for business

Run your business right from your bio. Hopp’s link sharing and monetization tools are built to streamline your online content and help your followers find exactly what they’re looking for. 

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Professional features

Scale your social presence and sell more products

With Hopp’s powerful tool set you can share cross-platform links and create a seamless ecommerce experience.

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Customizable search engine

Gather your best content from across the web — you decide what your followers can find.

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Intuitive editor

Look sharp and stay on-brand with professional templates and a simple site editor.

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Powerful widgets

Sell your products, add contact forms, collect email addresses, and more — all from your link in bio.

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Custom domain name

Upgrade to Hopp Pro to connect your custom domain, remove Hopp branding, and unlock advanced business features.

Custom designs

Create a bio that’s beautiful and on-brand

Hopp’s templates are stunning from the start, and can be customized to fit your brand. The simple editor helps you crush your design on mobile or desktop.

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Hopp Benefits

Supercharge your link in bio

Turn your link in bio into a revenue stream. Monetize your traffic and sell any product or service, without the need to navigate to external sites.

Get more traffic

The search tool makes it simple for followers to access your content and learn more about your products.

Boost your revenue

Integrate your Hopp site with ecommerce tools from Wix and Stripe.

Increase loyalty

Stunning templates transform your link in bio into a seamless extension of your brand.

Engage your audience

Link to any product, anywhere, right from your shorts, videos, and podcasts.

Premium Features

Not just a link in bio

Once you’ve started your free site, you can upgrade to Hopp Pro to remove ads and unlock additional business tools.

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Shorten links

Make your URL shorter, customize it to match your brand name, index it in your own link in bio search engine, set up automatic promotions and see performance analytics.


Monetize your traffic with smart promotions that can be assigned to any URL you share so that when someone clicks they'll see your pre-roll first.

Landing page

Design a mobile landing page in just a few clicks. Choose what you want to promote, instantly get a shareable URL and track all its performance.

Custom domain

Connect a custom domain name to spotlight your brand. Hopp Pro includes a free .bio or .link domain name.

Premium templates

Stand out from the crowd with exclusive designs and additional customization options.

Contact management

Import, export, and organize contacts into lists, all from your Hopp dashboard.

Hopp FAQs

What is Hopp and what do I do with it?

If your personal brand or business has a presence on social media platforms like Instagram or TikTok, you'll find Hopp invaluable.

The term "Link in Bio" refers to the strategy on these platforms where only one clickable link is visible in your profile bio.

On Instagram, TikTok, and other social media platforms users are not allowed to share clickable links in the description or comments of their posts. Instead, users can put a single clickable link in their profile's bio, and then direct their followers to that "Link in Bio" from their posts.

A Link in Bio tool like Hopp’s enhances this option by turning the solitary link into a landing page, hosting multiple links and/or actions. This means, instead of sending followers to just one location, you can guide them to a variety of places such as your online store, blog posts, special promotions, and more.

Here are the ways this can benefit your business:

  • Easy Navigation: The multiple links in your bio simplifies the task of guiding followers to different areas of your online presence.
  • Promotion: Your landing page can showcase various products or services, increasing their exposure to your audience.
  • Engagement Metrics: Hopp provides analytics, helping you see which links are most successful.
  • Traffic Control: A Link in Bio helps you control and funnel traffic from your social media accounts to any part of your online business.
  • Conversion Improvement: The straightforward access to your offerings can increase your conversion rates.
What is Hopp Link in Bio page?

You can find an overview of Hopp’s Link in Bio page here: Link in Bio Overview

Is Hopp free?

We do offer a free version of Hopp for everyone to use, but there are some features that you will need to upgrade to a premium package in order to access. Please find a list of those features here.

Can I connect my own custom domain?
You can connect your own custom domain by upgrading to a premium version after signing up for the free version.
Can I remove the Hopp banner at the bottom of my page?
You can remove the Hopp banner at the bottom of your page by upgrading to a premium version after signing up for the free version.
Can I have more than one Hopp account?
Each Hopp account can have one Link in Bio page. However, you create more Hopp accounts under a single main account. Just click on the Profile pic in the top right corner of your Hopp dashboard, then select Create A New Account from the drop-down menu.
Is there an App for Hopp?
While we don't have an app for Hopp, Hopp was already designed with the mobile user in mind. That means, our entire dashboard and all of our tools are built to work seamlessly on desktop and mobile devices. You can choose to sit down at home on your PC and edit to your heart’s delight, or you can make changes on the fly as your move around your busy schedule, right from your phone!
What if there’s a feature I need that I can’t find on Hopp?
We are in the business of helping you grow your business! If you think of a feature that we don’t have yet, please contact us via the chat at the bottom right of your Hopp dashboard and let us know. We’re not only happy to hear your feedback, but we rely on it! Hopp is a community-driven platform!
How does Hopp differ from the other Link in Bios?
  • Current Link in bio solutions:
    • Are crowded with long lists of links
    • Do not support the use case of creators who are interested in sharing at least one, if not more, links per post (typical for creators earning affiliate fees or driving traffic to other outlets, such as YouTube via TikTok and Instagram)
  • Creators who rely on affiliate fees are unable to link specific posts to specific products
  • Creators are consistently asked to replace their own link in bio with that of their sponsors/brand partners, forgoing their own brand real estate and linking capabilities in the process

Hopp acts as one's own personal search engine. With it, more traffic can be driven to important content, affiliate and brand partner product pages, and anything else with a link!

How does Hopp differ from
It is a bit difficult to compare Hopp to Linktree, since Linktree is a link in bio solution, while Hopp is a complete platform with a number of services, all centered around link usage: Fully Branded Short-Links, On-the-Fly Landing Pages for any business purpose, Pre-roll Pages to monetize creator’s traffic and a link in bio solution with the most versatile, customizable, feature-rich and innovative monetization capabilities. Our aim is to give creators a single hub that will act as the main point of interaction between themselves and their followers, with tools to carry out any business initiative quickly, efficiently, and with full ownership. Hopp is not a link list, it’s a business center.