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Knowledge Base    Hosting    WordPress: Manually Updating Wordpress

Manually Updating Wordpress

Last Updated: Jan 21, 2022


Manually updating Wordpress is appropriate when you're unable to access or log in to your wordpress account, or it's ver outdated. Our support team would be happy to assist in this process, but before investigating we recommend you try update on your own using these instructions:

  1. Backup your current wordpress/hosting.
  2. Download the latest version of Wordpress on
  3. Deactivate all plugins by temporarily renaming the plugin folders in the /wp-content/plugins path. Or temporarily move them to another location.
  4. Delete your old wp-includes and wp-admin directories.
  5. Upload (and/or extract) the new wp-includes and wp-admin directories
  6. Upload all the individual files from the new wp-content to your existing wp-content folder. Overwrite any existing files. Do not delete the or overwrite the entire existing wp-folder.
  7. Upload all remaining loose files from the root directory to your Wordpress directory. Overwrite any existing files.
  8. If applicable, remove the .maintenence file
  9. Visit your website using the /wp-admin page. Log in and follow the install/update process to update your wordpress.
  10. Reactivate the plugins by renaming the plugin folders back to their original names, or move them back to the /wp-content/plugins path. We recommend re-activate the Wordpress plugins one at a time.

That's it!


If you want a further detailed breakdown, we recommend checking our Wordpress detailed guide and if you have any quetions or concerns, please contact support!

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