April 11, 2024

The 9 Best Apps for Side Hustles |

Read on to explore some of the best side hustle apps that can help you maximize your income in 2024 and beyond.

The 9 Best Apps for Side Hustles 

Today, there are more side hustle opportunities than ever before. With a smartphone, they’re available right in the palm of your hand. 

For the bold and the enterprising, a side hustle is more than just a way to earn extra cash. It’s a chance to take control of your career trajectory, diversify your skill set, and build a safety net in an uncertain economy. But with countless apps and platforms vying for your attention, where should you focus your side hustle energy? 

Read on to explore some of the best side hustle apps that can help you maximize your income in 2024 and beyond. 

#1. Uber & Lyft

For those looking to earn some extra cash by utilizing their vehicles, Uber is the go-to side hustle app for ride-sharing services. It allows you to become a driver and pick up passengers at your convenience, making it ideal for those with flexible schedules. 

  • Pros – Flexibility that allows drivers to work whenever they want, a user-friendly app interface, and a wide customer base.
  • Cons – Variable earnings, costs for gas and vehicle maintenance that reduce net income, and increased competition with other drivers.
  • Fees – Uber takes a service fee from each ride, which varies by city but generally averages at 25% or more.

Despite increased competition from Lyft and other platforms, Uber continues to revolutionize the transportation industry and create countless opportunities for side hustlers. 

#2. DoorDash

If you prefer to keep your side hustle on the road but want to avoid dealing with passengers, food delivery apps like DoorDash offer a lucrative alternative. This app connects you with local restaurants and customers, allowing you to earn money by delivering food orders. 

  • Pros – No passenger interaction required, and the ability to earn tips on top of delivery fees.
  • Cons – Earnings can fluctuate depending on the time of day and demand, vehicle wear and tear, and the need to manage your own schedule and orders effectively.
  • Fees – DoorDash charges a commission on each order, that ranges from 15% – 30% depending on the pricing structure. 

Thanks to the conveniences offered by modern technology, you can easily track orders, navigate to pick-up and drop-off locations, and manage your earnings all from your smartphone.

#3. Upwork

For those with specialized skills or a knack for freelancing, Upwork emerges as a must-have among side hustle apps. This platform connects freelancers with clients from around the world, offering a vast array of job opportunities in fields such as writing, design, programming, and virtual assistance. 

  • Pros – Gain access to clients worldwide, work on diverse projects, and have control over your pricing.
  • Cons –  Competition for jobs can be fierce, and clients often prioritize experienced freelancers or those with lower rates.
  • Fees – Upwork retired their “sliding” fee system and now charges a flat 10% rate for all services, plus a one-time client contract initiation fee of up to $4.95.

Ultimately, Upwork makes it easy to find and bid on projects that align with your expertise, allowing you to build a successful side hustle on your terms. If you’re seeking to enhance your online skills and expand your network independently, think about creating your website.  Side-hustle starter tools like Wix Website Builder and Google Workspace, combined with securing a TLD like .design, .studio,  .graphics, .pro or  .art  can boost your professional brand to new heights.  

#4. Etsy 

If you’re a creative soul with a talent for making unique and handcrafted items, Etsy is the perfect app to showcase and sell your products. This ecommerce platform provides a marketplace dedicated to artisans and crafters, allowing you to reach a worldwide audience with your creations. 

  • Pros – Access to a wide customer base interested in handmade and distinctive items, a user-friendly interface for setting up your shop, and a supportive community of fellow creators.
  • Cons – Competition with a large number of sellers, fees for listing items and transactions can add up, and the need for marketing to stand out.
  • Fees – $15 one-time shop setup fee, $0.20 listing fee per item, and a fee of 6.5% per successful sale.

With easy-to-use seller tools and customizable storefronts, Etsy makes it simple to manage your inventory, process orders, and connect with potential customers. To reach an even wider audience, consider securing a domain like .gift, .art, .holiday, .diy, .shop, or .store to showcase and sell your hand-crafted designs. 

#5. Airbnb

If you have a spare room, apartment, or vacation home, Airbnb is the app to help you turn your extra space into a profitable side hustle. This vacation rental platform allows you to list your property and connect with travelers from around the world, providing them with a unique (and often more affordable) alternative to traditional hotels. 

  • Pros – Potential for high income from your property, flexible scheduling and pricing for your space, and the ability to connect with a global network of travelers.
  • Cons – Managing guest expectations and property maintenance, risks associated with property damage, and the need for active communication with guests.
  • Fees – Airbnb charges hosts a flat 3% commission of the booking subtotal, which can vary slightly depending on the location of your listing.

From user-friendly interfaces to robust booking systems, this app makes it easy to manage your listings, communicate with guests, and earn extra income from your unused living spaces. 

Plus, with scam listings on the rise, you can boost your awareness and credibility by listing your space on your own website. Secure a .condos, .rental, .property, .homes, .management, or .rent, .vacations, or .villas  web address to solidify your reputation as a trustworthy renter in your area.

#6. Rover

For animal lovers, Rover is one of the best side hustle apps for turning your passion into profit. This platform connects pet owners with reliable and trustworthy pet sitters and dog walkers, allowing you to earn money while providing care and companionship for furry friends. 

  • Pros – Great for animal lovers looking to earn while doing something they enjoy, the ability to set your own pricing, and the potential for tips on top of regular pay.
  • Cons – The need for building a strong profile to attract consistent work, responsibilities related to the care and safety of pets, and managing client expectations.
  • Fees – Rover charges a 20% service fee for using their platform.

Rover presents an exciting and fulfilling side hustle opportunity for pet lovers, offering services from walks to overnight care. Given people’s deep attachment to their furry companions, it’s crucial to establish yourself as a trustworthy pet caretaker or dog walker. Consider adopting a  .pet or .dog domain and building a website to highlight your expertise and positive testimonials from satisfied pet owners.

#7. Worthy

Worthy is a unique app that caters to those looking to declutter and monetize their valuable possessions. This platform allows you to sell items such as jewelry, watches, and precious metals through a secure and transparent online auction process. 

  • Pros – Secure and transparent auction process for high-value items, professional appraisals ensure fair market value, and a user-friendly platform.
  • Cons – Limited to jewelry, watches, and precious metals, may not be suitable for quick sales, and the auction process means final prices can vary.
  • Fees – Worthy takes a percentage of the final sale price, which decreases as the sale price increases, starting at 18% for items selling for $5,000 or less.

Worthy takes the guesswork out of selling your valuables, making it a convenient platform for side hustlers seeking to flip underpriced valuables from garage sales or online auctions. Build your credibility in the industry by securing a .jewelry, .watches, .auction, .market, .bid, or .estate domain name. 

#8. Oppizi 

For those interested in becoming brand ambassadors, Oppizi offers a unique opportunity to represent various brands through offline marketing campaigns. As an ambassador, you can engage in hand-to-hand flyer distribution, door-to-door marketing, and similar promotional activities. 

  • Pros – Relatively high pay ($23 an hour) with no previous experience required and small compensation for travel expenses.
  • Cons – Shifts are 3 hours minimum, require active engagement and enthusiasm in potentially varying weather conditions, and work availability depends on the city.
  • Fees – There are no fees as a brand ambassador.

This position is ideal for those who enjoy engaging with the public and seek flexibility while aiding in brand awareness and customer acquisition locally. As you establish your presence on the app, secure a .marketing, .community, .network, .partners, or .fyi,

domain to exhibit your role as a local brand ambassador.

#9. iTalki

iTalki is a language learning platform that connects students with language teachers for one-on-one lessons online. Ideal for those looking to leverage their language skills, iTalki offers the flexibility to teach anytime and anywhere. 

  • Pros – Flexibility in setting your rates and schedule and access to a global student base. It’s a platform for both certified teachers and community tutors.
  • Cons – Competition among teachers can be high, and iTalki takes a commission on lessons. Teachers must market themselves well to attract and retain students.
  • Fees – iTalki charges a 15% commission on the lesson price set by the teacher.

In addition to being an excellent way to earn income through simple conversation practice, iTalki makes it possible to forge meaningful connections with your students and make a global impact. The following domains are a great way to connect to more students online and showcase your experience in the language learning community:

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