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Mixed Content Errors blocking SSL / HTTPS in WordPress

Last Updated: October 25, 2023

When a WordPress website is assigned an SSL, the HTTPS might not work when visiting the website in the browser and you might see an unsecured website warning. One reason is why this might occur is due to Mixed Content Errors. Mixed Content Errors happen when a website loads files like images or links using HTTP and not HTTPS. The difference is that the code in your website is written using HTTP, which will break the SSL's encryption for the website. For a technical description of Mixed Content Errors, check this Google Web Fundamentals article

Follow the steps below to identify, troubleshoot and fix Mixed Content Errors:

  1. Make sure your WordPress website is backed up. Using either a WordPress plugin or if you have Hosting please review Backing up your website help article. 
  2. Use and see you have Mixed Content Errors. If you do have Mixed Content Errors continue the steps below if not there might be a different issue which you will need to troubleshoot (see Redirect HTTP to HTTPS automatically for one such possibility in fixing the .htaccess file).
  3. Use a free WordPress plugin like SSL Insecure Content Fixer or Really Simple SSL and follow the instructions to install, scan and fix the Mixed Content Errors.
  4. Check the website and see if it loads over HTTPS.

NOTE: Support is not able to fix Mixed Content Errors for you, you will need a developer if you are not able to fix the error yourself.  Code and content on the hosting products are beyond our scope of support.

NOTE:'s WordPress Hosting product does not fully support SSL & HTTPS at this time. Website Hosting products do support websites with SSL and HTTPS. 



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