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Streamline your domain investing and maximize returns by building your portfolio at With tiered pricing, intuitive bulk search and management tools, a newly-revamped API, and advanced security options, you’ll save time and get more out of your investments.

Domain management should be easy. We make sure it is.

We want you to spend less time managing domains and more time making things happen. Our domain, product, and account management systems keep you in mind from start to finish.

Domain Management Dashboard

All your domains, in one place

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Just provide your email address and a brief message to get in touch with our account manager. They can discuss custom pricing options and tell you more about the investor experience at

Bulk Domain Management

Bulk domain management

Rather than updating information for your domains one-by-one, make mass changes through bulk domain asset management tools and use our tagging feature to keep your domains organized.

Create an Account

Extra security for more peace of mind. supports additional security features to help keep your account safe so you can continue to engage in domain name investing with confidence.


When logging into an account protected by Two-Step Verification, to ensure safe and secure investing in domains, a rotating 6-digit code (which is generated on a third-party app) must be entered in addition to your username and password.


If you have a static IP address for your home or business, add IP restrictions to your account so that it can only be accessed via a whitelisted IP to increase the potential value of your domain investing.


Hide personal contact details from the Whois directory, take steps against domain hijacking and ensure you can continue buying domain names as an investment with Domain Lock Plus, and secure your site with an included SSL certificate.

Free tools with every domain registration

  • URL and email forwarding
  • DNS management
  • 30+ DNS templates
  • Bulk management tools
  • All-in-one renewal center
  • Sedo/Afternic integration

URL and email forwarding!

URL and email forwarding are the easiest ways to start using your domain immediately. You can forward your domain to an existing website, and you can create email addresses that will forward messages to your existing inbox.

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Free DNS management has one of the best DNS management systems in the business. It’s incredibly easy to use, and includes some big time savers like a tagging system, bulk domain management, and DNS templates.

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FAST transfers
with MLS integration has Sedo & Afternic fast-transfer fully integrated with your account. No more hassles or waiting for transfers means you can start reaping the benefits of your domain name investing as soon as possible..

List your domain with Sedo /Afternic Approve listing at Fast transfers at purchase

Premium domain names
at your fingertips

Industry leading Aftermarket search results and real-time deleting domain tools are just a click away. Use the Aftermarket search tools to find expiring and Premium Domains. You can search by keyword or for a specific domain.

Smart renewal management
with Domain Expiration Sync

By syncing the expiration dates of your .COM and .NET domains, you choose which day they expire. It makes it easier to manage renewals for multiple domains and keeps your inbox less cluttered.

Sync Domain Expiration Dates

Keeping track of expiration dates just got easier.

  •  Set your domain names to expire on the same day
  •  Stagger renewals strategically throughout the year
  •  Group specific names to expire at the same time API

Best-in-class performance and reliability with full domain management available through our brand new API.

curl -u 'username:token' ''
  "records": [
      "id": 12345,
      "domainName": "",
      "host": "www",
      "type": "A",
      "answer": "",
      "ttl": 300

World-class Support Team

We’re here to help you get your site online! Let us help you register domain names or set up your website. domain registrar team