Unsolicited Emails

Receiving unsolicited emails can be a frustrating and persistent problem. To most appropriately address this issue, we would recommend three different ways to approach this issue.


The first approach would be to use the unsubscribe link located at the bottom of the email you received. Per the CAN-SPAM act, email senders are required to provide a functional unsubscribe link. Clicking this link can be the fastest and most effective way to cease this type of activity.

Contacting the email provider

The second approach we would recommend would be to contact the email provider for this domain. You can identify the mail provider by looking for the "MX" records tied to the domain

To find the MX records for a domain, we recommend using

  1. After you have performed a whois search on the domain, click on the "DNS Record Button" located under the heading " Lookup."
  2. Find the table closest to the bottom of the screen that is labelled "DNS RECORDS".
  3. You will see either an IP address or domain to the right of the "MX" type records. If you see a domain name, please do a search on that domain to obtain the contact information. If you see an IP address, please follow the steps below
  4. Paste the IP address you have copied and click Search.
  5. You will now see the email provider's information. Always make sure to check for an "Abuse Contact".

Contacting the owner

A third option would be to contact the registrant, or legal owner, of this domain directly and ask to be removed from the mailing list. Any email that you send to registrant email will forward to the legal owner of this domain. You can find the owner's information through a whois search. Again, we recommend using

We have found that these routes are the most effective way for addressing unsolicited emails. If the problem persists after you have attempted to unsubscribe, contacted the hosting provider and contacted the registrant, please let us know. We are happy to investigate further.