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Make buying domains easier for your customers

Name Reseller Solutions offers domain name services directly on your website, app, or platform. You can remove the middle man, keep users in your purchase flow, and reduce product setup issues.

We have domain name integrations that fit teams of any size, and you’ll get access to industry-best domain pricing.

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Which domain reseller solution is right for you?

Landing Page

No Code

Route your customers to a co-branded landing page where they can search, purchase, and manage a domain name.


Low Code

Integrate domain registration services via a modal window on your site and automate DNS setup with your product.


Custom Integration

Build your own domain sales engine with our robust RESTful API. Control the user experience and set your own prices.

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Key Features

Effort for implementation
Co-branded on Name.com
Co-branded on Your Site
Your Design
Domain customer service/support
Billing/Customer Purchase
Affiliate %
Affiliate %
You Set Prices

5 reasons to offer domains with Name Reseller Solutions

1. Make your customers life easier

Linking domains to websites is no easy task. When you integrate our reseller products, we automate that process. Wave those domain linking help-tickets goodbye.

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2. Add additional revenue

Our partners make money when they sell domains with us. Domain registrations add easy additional revenue per account, and with an API integration, you’ll get yearly domain renewal revenue too.

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3. You're our partner

We’re uniquely positioned to get you deals on domains. Our parent company manages the world’s largest portfolio of domains, and they’re ready to work with you. Learn more about the access you could have to Identity Digital domains.

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4. We scale with you

We partner with startups and Fortune 500 companies to bring you great products in addition to domains. Our reseller solution is built to fit your needs.

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5. Work with a global brand

Domains are our bread and butter, and we’re selling them worldwide. Name has customers in over 140 countries.

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