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Choosing a website solution for your site

Last Updated: Jan 20, 2022

What components make up a website?

A functioning website can be broken down into three basic parts: A domain name (your website's URL), the content that makes up the website (what you see when you visit a website), and a hosting service (where your content is stored, so that other people can see and visit your site).

Once you purchase a domain name, you will need to build the website and purchase hosting. Your choice of a hosting service is largely dependent on what you plan to do with your website. Some people choose to hire a web developer to build a website if they are planning on developing something complex.

At, we offer three different service for hosting your domain name.

Website Builder

The simplest solution is our Website builder. The website builder is a basic drag and drop builder to get your plan up and running quickly. There are three levels to choose from and up to 40 templates you can customize to make your perfect site. This is a great option to allow you to make a professional looking website without having to learn code or having any previous experience designing websites.

Wordpress Hosting

If you want something a little more flexible than the Website builder, the next option is WordPress Hosting. It’s a basic plan that lets you start using Wordpress right away, one of the easiest and most popular website builders.  You simply log into Wordpress and start managing and creating your site. In addition to unlimited storage and bandwidth, it also supports the multitude of themes and plugins that makes Wordpress the most popular website builder in the world.


The last option offers is one of our hosting packages. Hosting packages do not include the same simplicity as WordPress Hosting or the website builder. However, it is a bit more complex which allows you to customize everything exactly the way you want. Website building products can be easily installed to your hosting package from your account (for free). You will be able to use FTP clients, like DreamWeaver or FileZilla, to upload files from your local machine to your website. You will also receive access to email accounts, MySQL databases, statistics about site usage and many more features. Hosting gives you the most options and flexibility, but also takes the most technical savvy to use.

Despite all of the great options at to help you get online quickly and easily, we find that some customers prefer to work with a web designer from start to finish.’s legendary customer support can help you with any of the above products and services, but can’t actually build the website for you.

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