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Checkout Process

Last Updated: Apr 08, 2022

The checkout process is linear. 

  1. You find a Domain or Product you want to buy or renew, and you click the Add to Cart
  2. You now have two options:
  3. Screen_Shot_2019-07-24_at_5.04.05_PM.png
    • The shopping cart icon in the top right is your next step.  
    • The Add to Cart button would have changed to Checkout.
  4. Both the shopping cart icon and the Add to Cart Button buttons will go to the Review Cart Items page at
  5. Sometimes we offer products page called Upgrade your domain experience, where you can add products to your cart or click the button Next Step: Payment.Screen_Shot_2019-07-25_at_5.57.38_PM.png
  6. On this Review Cart Items page, you can review the order and remove items from your Checkout by clicking the trash can near the price of the it
  7. After you review the Checkout items, you can click the button Next Step: Payment
  8. The next page is the Choose Payment Method page at
  9. You can learn about the Choose Payment Method page here on the other Help Article: Accepted methods of payment and currencies
  10. After you choose the payment method, you can make the purchase by clicking the Complete Order button. 
  11. Please do not refresh the page as the order is completed and the page reloads.
  12. The final page is a Your order is complete! page where you can set up the domain or product
    or go to My Dashboard | Manage Payment Profile | Full Order Details | Domain Details

If you have a question about the checkout process, please search for other support articles regarding your specific question on or give us as much information including the below and send it to 

  • What is your username?
  • What your initial challenge(s) are?
  • The domain(s) in question?
  • The product(s) in question:?
  • If you can also attach any screenshots of the errors you are facing, this will also assist with us finding the root of your challenges.



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