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Knowledge Base    Domains    DNS: Connecting Google Sites to a Domain

Connecting Google Sites to a Domain

Last Updated: Jan 21, 2022

Google Sites allows domains from to connect to their website product. Below is a checklist of things you will want to look for if you have difficulty connecting the domain to Google Sites:

  1. Review the instructions from Google's Support Article.
  2. Make sure your domain is using Nameservers. See Using's Default Nameservers
  3. You will want to add Google Verification records, either CNAME or TXT (depending on how you configured it on Google's side) to your DNS here at See Adding DNS records and templates.
  4. You will want to add the Google Site CNAME record with Host field WWW and Answer See the below image of the CNAME record with WWW.
  5. You will want to add URL forwarding to WWW version of your domain. Learn how to add Adding URL forwarding. In adding the URL forward:
    1. Keep the subdomain field blank and empty
    2. Forward to your
    3. Select Type as Redirect
    4. See the below image of the example URL for Google Sites:Screen_Shot_2021-01-16_at_10.26.02_AM.png
  6. In adding the URL forwarding, two new A records in your DNS. Do not alter these A records.
  7. Please wait up to 24 hours for all these records to fully propagate and for your Google Site website to appear. You also may need to clear your browser's cache/try a different browser or device to see that URL forward working appropriately. 

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