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Knowledge Base    Hosting    cPanel: Creating a Custom index.html File

Creating a Custom index.html File

Last Updated: Sep 09, 2015

While it is not ideal for creating an entire website, you can create a custom index.html page in cPanel with just a few steps. This works very well to create a Website coming soon page with your email address, phone number, hours of operation, etc.

  1. Log into your Hosting cPanel.
  2. Click File Manager in the Files section, then select the Web Root radio button.
  3. Locate the current index.html page and delete or rename it. If you have just set up your hosting account, the index.html file will be the branded Coming soon page. You can highlight the file and click delete at the top of the screen.
  4. Click New File in the upper left corner and name the file index.html.
  5. Highlight the file by clicking once and then click the HTML Editor button at the top of the screen. Then click the Edit button.

You can now create the file. It works very similar to word processing software and you enter text, change fonts, sizes, colors etc. You can also upload images and insert hyperlinks.

Once you have the index.html file created just the way you want it, simple click Save in the upper left corner. Go visit your domain name in a browser and you should see your new page.

Note: We are not able to troubleshoot the coding of your site or code this page for you. 

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